Revised Gifts and Talents Survey 2012


Dear Friend 

Some of the most joyful times we can have are when we have the opportunity to use our gifts and talents in a meaningful way.  At Avondale, we believe we are "Called to love God, love one another, and serve community."  In living out this mission, we seek to enable all of our members to become involved in the life of Avondale and its ministries.  Please take a few minutes to complete the following survey so that we can help you identify opportunities which exist within Avondale for using your gifts and talents.

We hope that you will use this tool to become more involved in Avondale and its ministries and thereby enhance your life in Christ.  While we have included examples to demonstrate the definition of each gift, please do not feel that you need to limit your answers only to the examples listed, but also include in your responses additional ways in which you might like to use each of your gifts or other ways in which you currently use your gifts, whether within or outside of Avondale. Each of our members has gifts and talents to share regardless of whether he or she uses them in a way described in one of the examples.  This survey may also help you to identify gifts that you have but do not currently use.

Please be sure that you include in your answers whether you prefer to receive your survey results by phone, regular mail, or electronic mail.

There are 37 questions in this survey.